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All facials include a relaxing massage of the shoulder, neck and decollete as well as a hot stone hand massage.  Also, each facial can be combined with a chemical peel to create a full European Spa treatment!  See Chemial Peels for more information.  


The Grand Classique 

This is one of the most complete and personalized deep pore cleansings that you will ever experience.  This treatment is full of anti-inflammatory plant extracts that will leave your skin feeling both rebalanced and dewy without unsightly marks.  Easily adaptable to any skin type, this sumptuous facial is based on unique steps allowing the skin to be deeply cleansed without irritation due to its scientific and gradual protocol. A perfectly grand treat!

The HB Vita-C Facial 

This facial is a perfect synergy of pure Vitamin C for deep exfoliation and hydration which includes hot steam, deep cleansing and a specialized mixture of a pure Vitamin C treatment.  This facial will smooth out lines, brighten your skin and treat age spots without irritation.  A perfect treatment after the hot California sun!



At the precise balancing point of flawless skin and perfect tone, there is a sense of harmony. This is the sensation of OPTIMIZER on the skin.  Special needs require special treatment and the OPTIMIZER provides exactly that utilizing a superb range of scientifically proven “uplifting” and firming phytobiological actives to release your skin’s full potential.  This facial is divine and the improvement is extraordinary!


Purifying Acne Facial 

A highly personal treatment that goes further than the typical cleansing and purifying process.  Correction and healing are the cornerstones of this distinctive, highly curative treatment that deals seriously with the issues of acne outbreak.  This purifying facial visibly clears the skin without discoloration and painful lesions.  The perfect cure for troubled skin. 



A process by which tiny crystal particles gently remove the outer most layer of dead skin cells leaving your skin smooth and revitalized while toning fine lines and erasing acne scarring, age spots and sun-damaged skin.   

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